Macchina del Caffè

Classic Italian Machines

Our collection of Classic Italian Coffee Machines is diverse. A few examples of them are shown here above. We appreciate a wide range of makes and models for their aesthetics, but certain machines we prefer for their performance and handling. Our variety caters to multiple tastes and likings of baristas and collectors. Some prefer the classic look of a copper clad Victoria Arduino, others are a partial to the Art Deco features of early Gaggias, and then again the proven performance of a Faema President or the unmet reliability of the E/61 combined with their impressive designs never fail to appeal.
All machines are made for us to use and many of them have proven to be reliable. The differences in performance among the major makes are minor – it’s the appearance and the attention to detail, you are willing to give, that should guide you in your choice of a Classic Italian Coffee Maker.

Lever Machines

Most collectible machines are lever machines. The lever compresses a spring that upon release will provide the necessary pressure to ensure optimal extraction from the coffee grounds. A Faema President or Urania, skillfully handled, will make outstanding coffee just as a Gaggia Americano will.


In 1961 Faema introduced a revolutionary machine without the spring and lever technic: the E/61 (the name refers to an eclipse of this year – hence “E/61″) which is the last of the classic, collectible machines. It retains the beautiful, timeless design of the early 1960s, while replacing the lever with a pump that provides the pressure for extraction. Up to today, some 50 years later, the E/61 group is considered superior and unmet in performance and reliability.

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