Our machines are 50 years of age and older. They usually arrive in unknown condition. Therefore all of them are fully examined and reconditioned – this restoration is our passion;  upon receipt, our machines will undergo a comprehensive rebuild where we aim to preserve the original appearance while ensuring functionality. This may include re-chroming, rewiring, and a ground-up rebuild.


At times we will shy away from re-chroming, decide not to replace the glass, or keep the top-shell that has a little crack. This is, because we acknowledge the beauty of patina. Old chrome where it is worn shows golden brass, a slightly aged logo inspires nostalgic sentiment, and an original body piece is rarely met in quality and beauty. Each machine has a story that excites us and we will always try to retain this history.


As almost all of the older machines were designed and manufactured for heavy use, modest regular service and reconditioning will keep them running free of issues once they have been gone thru thoroughly. The maintenance they need, generally does not differ from the maintenance any other espresso machine needs. Water, even when filtered, over time tends to leave traces that can impact the taste and/or the functionality of the machine. The heating element gets caked with scale and passages might get blocked. Also, gaskets, may get bridle and allow leakage if not replaced,  just as small springs you find in valves loose tension over time and need replacement. A well-maintained machine will make many excellent coffees and will probably outlive us.

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